Are there words twitching in the back of your throat? Letters searing scars on your tongue and sending spasms through your wisdom teeth? Is there scribble behind your lips and ink on your soft palate? Are you Cottonmouth? Get ready to spit diction.

Cottonmouth is a performance-based project by and for emerging wordsmiths. Held monthly, the night convenes spoken-worders, poets, sound artists, playwrights, new-media-welders and basically anyone with narrative art tickling their epiglottis. Accompanying the Cottonmouth nights is a national podcast and a publication. Watch this space.

Cottonmouth convenes on the first Tuesday of each month at The Bird, 181 William Street, Northbridge.


Recent Entries

Cottonmouth XXXIII meets Amnesty International for ARTillery Spoken Word
We are at the end of 2011 and the right to free speech is still being visibly violated around us.…
Cottonmouth XXIX, Tuesday September 6
Why hello there, September. Fancy seeing you in a bar like this? Can I buy you a drink? No? What…
Cottonmouth XXVIII, Tuesday August 2
A month away, yes, and I know you've had words, you've had voices, and you've had music. Maybe you even…

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